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Fall Semester Energy Challenge

Posted by treynold on October 7, 2011

The campus Fall Energy Challenge is underway and will go until Nov. 5. Last year SPEA brought home the traveling trophy by using 24% less energy and water than expected. The Kelley School also greatly reduced its energy and water use. During the fall 2010 competition, the IC was closed for remodeling, but this year we intend to do our part! Fortunately, all our group study rooms have lights and heat/air that automatically turn off when the rooms are unoccupied. The staff is careful to keep lights off in other unused rooms and hallways. Some of us have been accused of working in the dark.

How will you participate? You can go to for ideas. To learn more about sustainability on the IU campus click here:


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Mintel for Market Research

Posted by treynold on September 13, 2011

Are you doing product and industry market research?  Consider using the Mintel
database.  Mintel market research reports emphasize consumer products and
industries such as food and drink, lifestyle, retailing, travel, and
health.  Each report combines data and analysis of the competitive
landscape, supply chain, market-share size and trends, and consumer profiles.
Complex demographic issues are broken into easy-to-understand sections,
explaining consumer behavior and demonstrating the structure of the
market.  All users must agree to the Terms and Conditions of
Use.  First-time users will also have to create a personal profile.

Ready to use Mintel?  Their latest report on chocolate shows the U.S. spends
more than $32,000 on the treat per minute.  Grab a candy bar (or not)
and follow this link to access Mintel reports:

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I’m hot. Can you turn up the air conditioning?

Posted by treynold on July 20, 2011

We wish!  But no, we can’t.  Powers beyond the IC staff control the air conditioning.  We know you’re warm.  (We are too.)  Truth is, a great many people on campus are feeling toasty right now, and for a good reason.  With this heat, IUs chiller can’t support all the buildings at the same time.  To be fair to all, most buildings on campus are following a rotating cycle of two hours with air conditioning, one hour without.  So when you’re feeling warm in the IC, just hang in there.  Cooler air will return.

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So What Do You Think?

Posted by treynold on April 22, 2011

The semester is rapidly winding to a close, which means the Business/SPEA Information Commons will soon have a complete semester under its belt.  Its staff is curious; we want to know.  So before you put away your books and begin your summer, we’re hoping you’ll tell us:  what do you love about the new IC?  What do you wish was different?  Leave your comments here or send them to  Your words will be read and pondered.

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No Group Room Reservations for the Remainder of This Semester

Posted by treynold on April 11, 2011

Because of anticipated high use of the group study rooms during the next few weeks, keys for all rooms will be checked out on a first-come, first-served basis.  In an effort to serve as many guests as possible, no room reservations will be made for the period April 11 – May 6.

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Revised Policy for Group Room Renewals

Posted by treynold on April 4, 2011

You may now renew your group room for an additional two hour period as long as no one is waiting for a room.  In fairness to others, you must vacate the space and return your key if guests are waiting, but by adding your name to the wait list, you will hopefully be back in a room soon.  Missing from the new policy is the mandatory 15 minute waiting period when all rooms are full.

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Can’t Get a Group Room?

Posted by treynold on March 28, 2011

Most of the amenities of the Business/SPEA IC group rooms are available at the 24 group work tables in the collaborative study area.  Yes, the monitors on the tables are a bit smaller than those in the group rooms, but you can toggle back and forth between two laptops, just as you can in the group rooms.  Need a white board?  There is one available next to the laptop lockers that you can roll over to your work area.  Just roll it back when you are finished with it, please.   You’ll have to imagine that you have four walls and a door.  (We said most of the amenities are available, remember?)  On the plus side, there is no two hour limit to the use of the group work tables.  You are welcome to stay at your table until we’re ready to lock up at the end of the day.  And there is no risk of accumulating an overdue fine like can happen with the group room.

Still prefer a room to an open table?  We can understand that.  The privacy those four walls offer is nice.  Try coming early in the day.  Group rooms are generally available then.  And do remember that you can make a reservation for a room up to one week in advance.  Stop at the service desk to make your reservation or get more information about it.

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Summer Employment

Posted by treynold on March 21, 2011

Planning on staying in Bloomington this summer and need a part-time job?  If you are accurate in your work, reliable, and enjoy working with a wide range of people, consider applying for a Public Service Assistant position at the Business/SPEA Information Commons.  Applications are available at our service desk, or you can e-mail your resume to Terry (  Because of budget constraints, applicants with workstudy funding will be given preference.

Looking for work this summer, but the Business/SPEA IC just isn’t for you?  Be sure to attend the Career Development Center’s Job Fair in the Indiana Memorial Union’s Alumni Hall, from 1:00-4:00 p.m. on April 6.

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IU Worldcat Unavailable After March 31

Posted by treynold on March 3, 2011

The IU Libraries’ subscription to IU WorldCat will end on March 31st and it will not be renewed. The decision to discontinue the subscription was made based on the cost in relation to low and declining use and the fact that many of the features of IU WorldCat are freely available in 

 The two most important features of IU WorldCat are the account feature and the lists.  Both of these features will still be available through the open will allow you to find and use your saved lists, with the exception of some journal citations.  You will also be able to find and create new lists, save them, and share them.   Zotero users will be able to use to populate bibliographies that include books and other resources from IUCAT.  

 The Libraries have created an FAQ on functionality of (see: ] If you have questions, or suggestions for questions that should be added to the FAQ page, please e-mail

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The Libraries Green Team Meets Its First Certification Goal

Posted by treynold on February 25, 2011

The IUB Libraries, of which the Business/SPEA Information Commons is a part, has been granted “Seed” certification status by the University’s Office of Sustainability.  To reach this goal, actions have been taken in education, resource use, recycling, sustainable computing, energy, transportation, and food categories.  Here at Business/SPEA, conveniently placed containers make it easy to  recycle paper, aluminum, and plastics #1-7.  Guests are encouraged to think twice before printing, and then to print double-sided copies whenever appropriate.  Our new group study rooms save energy with motion detectors linked to lighting and temperature control.  The Libraries Green Team is proud to be one of the first on campus to achieve the “Seed” certification status, and is making plans to meet the next goal in the series.  To learn more about the certification process, go to

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