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Comparing State Laws?

Posted by iubusref on October 17, 2008

Comparing state laws about absentee voting, freedom of information, tobacco taxation, or another topic? Two subscribed resources are a great place to start. Heinonline and LexisNexis Academic. HeinOnline’s Subject Compilations of State Laws will provide a subject search of state laws with an annotated bibliography. It also goes back to 1979.

LexisNexis’ Federal & State Codes is only current law. It provides in a spreadsheet the specific code for each state on a given topic. Choose “State Codes, Constitutions, Court Rules & ALS, Combined” for the source and search “50 State Surveys pre/10 xxx” where xxx is your topic. For instance, 50 State Surveys pre/10 voting. Click on the link below LexisNexis 50 State Surveys, Legislation & Regulations and the spreadsheet will open in a new window. The links in the spreadsheet will not work so you will need to search each code in LexisNexis Academic.


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